Electronics Course for Beginners (Pioneers of Electronics)

The general objective of the course:

Enabling talented students in science and physics from the concepts of electronics and their practical applications useful in solving life problems in an enjoyable and practical scientific manner

Course content:

  • Basic physical concepts and facts about electricity
  • Electronic circuit components, electronic components and their types
  • Electrical Resistors: Concept and Function – Types of Resistors and Reading Values – Experiments on Resistors
  • Electrical capacitors: Concept – How they work and functions – Types of capacitors and reading values – Experiments on capacitors
  • Semiconductors (diodes): how it works and what its functions – types of diodes – experiments on diodes
  • Transistor: concept and method of operation – types – functions, shapes, nomenclature and characterization of the terminals
  • How to use the experimental board – electronic schematic reading skills – test experiments
  • Tin soldering skills and preliminary test and printed board techniques
  • Installation and assembly of primary circuits

Target group:

Ages 14 years and over

program duration:

50 training hours