Training programs for teachers and educators

Its most important goals

Creativity in educational supervision:

  • Leadership and strategic planning
  • Design training programs based on needs
  • class visits
  • Professional development for teachers
  • Modern methods of supervision
  • Performance evaluation

School management program:

  • Leadership and management in the work of the manager
  • Creative manager skills
  • results-based planning
  • The principal’s role as a school’s resident supervisor
  • Group and team dynamics (team management, communication skills and inter-team communication)
  • Conflict Resolution
  • creative projects
  • Improving school environments

Creativity in science teaching:

  • The nature of science and the aims of science teaching
  • Inquiry in Science Teaching
  • Enjoyable learning and science teaching
  • Project-based learning
  • Creativity in Teaching Scientific Concepts
  • School Laboratory Employment Skills
  • Special skills in the use of laboratory experiments in teaching

International exams:

  • The importance of working on international standards
  • TIMSS International Study in Science and Mathematics
  • Program for International Student Assessment PISA
  • تطبيقات عملية

Thinking skills and their integration into teaching:

  • The concept of thinking and thinking skills
  • Basic thinking skills
  • Higher-order thinking skills (critical thinking, creative thinking, problem solving)
  • Thinking skills assessment

Calendar and achievement tests:

  • educational calendar concepts
  • Realistic calendar strategies and applications
  • Preparation of achievement tests (content analysis, preparation of a table of specifications, preparation of test items and test building, analysis of test results and building treatment plans)

Techniques for collecting information in extension work:

  • Principles of collecting information in extension work and its characteristics
  • Forms of collecting information in extension work
  • ZDifferent models of information gathering techniques in extension work
  • Use different information gathering techniques depending on the specific problem
  • Practical applications

Group counseling:

  • guiding group
  • Use cases for group counseling
  • Preparation for group counseling
  • Group counseling methods
  • Planning and implementing a group counseling program
  • Practical applications

Employing brain research to:

  • classroom management
  • Technical environment
  • motivation stimulation
  • Employing emotion in education
  • Attention

Active learning:

  • Active learning concept
  • active learning skills
  • Principles and Strategies
  • working groups
  • games and matches
  • acting story
  • role play
  • Brainstorming
  • learning by discovery
  • Scientific experiments and illustrations, field trips
  • Case study debate
  • freeze-breaking activities
  • Planning for teaching using active learning
  • Implementation and evaluation of lessons