Self-development and life skills programs

These programs aim to support educational institutions and individuals in the field of professional qualification of educators, in an effort to reach creativity and excellence in various educational fields in order to achieve the desired effectiveness and efficiency of these institutions.
As we present these programs, we would like to emphasize the association’s readiness to hold training programs for educational institutions in the public and private sectors within the specifications determined by these institutions and the appropriate time and place for them.

The following are the specialized programs offered by the association to educational institutions:

(consists of 10 hours or more, followed by short training courses consisting of 4 training hours, i.e. one training day)

Parenting styles and socialization:

  • Introducing the concept of child mental health
  • Child mental health standards
  • Factors affecting the mental health of the child
  • Methods of parental and social care and upbringing
  • Childhood specific problems and their diagnosis
  • Methods of family counseling in children’s problems
  • practical application

Children management, fun and skill:

  • Vegetable soup for moms
  • Stress management, mood improvement
  • Management of children (laws, patterns of children)
  • Smart Education (Reward and Punish with Respect, Responsibility Training)
  • Charisma (parents/administrators/teachers)
  • In our house a hero

Other programs:

  • Team management
  • self management
  • emotional smartness
  • Communication
  • How does Kurt employ thinking in your academic and work life?
  • educational research skills
  • interview skills