First Scientific Innovation Forum

In a distinguished  scientific environment, Innovation for Creativity Development Association (ICDA), in cooperation with the School of Science at the University of Jordan, organized the 1st  Scientific Innovation forum entitled  “21st Century Science and Youth Opportunities in Creativity and Production”

The forum included three main topics: the first was with Prof. Munir Nayfeh, a pioneer scientist in nanotechnology at the University of Illinois–USA and honorary member of the ICDA. He presented nanotechnology: its concept, development and importance.
In his presentation, Nayfeh focused on the applications of nanotechnology  in medicine and its increasing role in the treatment of cancerous tumors, and the delivery of effective pharmaceutical substances to target cells in the human body rather than spreading them throughout the body.
The pioneer of nanotechnology has encouraged youth to take part in the future role and applications of nanotechnology in all areas of life. He also talked about his most recent books (Optics in our Time as one of the authors and the Fundamental and applications of Nano-silicons).

The second theme of the forum was online session with Prof. Maija Aksela the  director of  LUMA Center (Science Mathematics and Technology education network in Finland) where the audience learned about the LUMA Center’s success story and its services and discussed some of the methods and strategies used in teaching science and mathematics with linking them to real life.
She talked about LUMA StarT competition organized by the Center and the role of the StarT in encouraging students to research and encourage teachers and learning communities to utilize project based learning and to implement effective initiatives that support science and mathematics education in innovative ways.

The third subject of the forum revolves around learning based on scientific research, led by Prof. Abeer Al-Bawab, a faculty member in the Department of Chemistry and Dean of Scientific Research at the University of Jordan, where she spoke about the importance of this type of learning in providing the community with young researchers. Should be addressed when applying learning based on scientific research in schools and universities, and presented bright models from some universities to apply this mechanism in teaching.
Dr. Al-Bawab focused on the need to apply this methodology in at least one subject to include students in acquiring the skills of scientific research and have a positive attitudes towards research and its importance in general.

The forum was presented by the member of the ICDA Ms.Khitam Salem. Dr.Fadwa Odeh (head of the department of Chemistry at the University of Jordan) moderated the discussions in the forum.
It is worth mentioning the diversity of the forum’s public among faculty members in universities, educators, school teachers, university and schools students

October 11th, 2018