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Project implementation

  At this stage, projects are implemented using technical skills learned in the previous courses and workshops (Practical training and innovation and leadership stages).

Practical stage

The third stage  of the program, where students are divided into four courses : Media and film production. 3D design and product manufacturing. Electronics and control. Programming and industrial intelligence

Innovation and leadership

the second stage in the program which consist of many Lectures in a life skills presented by experts from practical field, academics and educators .          

ICDA present Future scientist program for kids

عقدت جمعية ابتكار لتنمية الابداع نادي علماءالمستقبل بقيادة المهندسة مها عوض  خلال الفترة من 5/تموز الى 4/8 بواقع 21 ساعة تدريبية , والنادي متخصص بتدريب الأطفال من عمر8-12 سنة على المنهجية العلمية وطريقة تفكير العلماء وتشجيع الأطفال  على حب العلوم والتجارب العلمية.

The 2nd season of Youth IEP has been released

In cooperation with  University of Jordan Innovation and Entrepreneurship Center ,ICDA  was releasing the 2nd season of‏ Youth Innovation an Entrepreneurship Program (Youth IEP) please apply the app: https://forms.gle/gYxKNW4C4Z2ebTVX8